What is a Virtual Assistant?

When people hear the term Virtual Assistant (VA), they either know what it is or say, “a what?”. In its most basic definition, a VA is an administrative assistant, acting as an independent contractor that provides professional administrative assistance remotely.

What does a Virtual Assistant do?

There is a VA for almost any service. Do you need help writing a blog, cleaning up your inbox, collecting invoices from your clients, managing your website, creating content for your social media platforms, planning an event, creating graphics, engaging with your customers or entering data? Some VA’s specialize in one area while others offer support in many. To sum it up, the purpose of a VA is to make your life easier.

How can a Virtual Assistant help my business?

You can’t do everything in your business and still complete it with excellence. As a small business owner, there are many tasks to complete in one day. With so many things to do, it is easy to miss essential steps or complete a job mediocrely. There becomes a point where hiring support may be necessary to help your business grow.

A few of the many benefits of hiring a VA is that they work only the hours that you need them to, from their own office space, with their equipment reducing your overhead costs, completing only the tasks that you choose to delegate.

Most small business owners spend the majority of their time working on administrative tasks as opposed to spending their valuable time on the parts of their business that they love. When you hire a VA, you can focus on the areas of your business that allow you to grow.

When should I hire a Virtual Assistant?

If you have reached the point where your calendar is taking over your life, you’re running out of time in a day, or your inbox has an overwhelming number of emails that you need to respond to, it may be time to hire support. You can hire a VA to support you monthly or for a one-time project. The beauty is that your options are endless and as a small business owner, options make your life easier.

A Virtual Assistant is a perfect solution for small business owners that are at a point in their business where they need to start delegating.

Lead Virtual Solutions helps small business owners focus on growing their businesses by assisting in the management of the administrative aspects of their businesses. There are a wide variety of tasks and services that we can help you with, but our primary goal is to give you more time to grow your business.

How hiring a Virtual Assistant can help your business.