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Most business owners and executives can complete the tasks that they hand over to their assistant on their own. However, having an assistant that you can delegate to and trust that they will do the job as well as you will, is what we aim to achieve.

There are a wide variety of tasks that we can assist you with, but our primary goal is to give you more time to focus on your business. Whether you have seamless processes in place or are striving to find new ways to grow your business, we are here to learn those processes or help you find new ones.

When you hire Lead Virtual Solutions, you are not just hiring a VA; you’re hiring someone to join your team that understands the moving parts of a business and the many tasks that need to be accomplished. Lead Virtual Solutions was designed to support you, allowing you to focus on leading your business to the next level.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant (VA) is an administrative assistant, acting as an independent contractor that provides professional administrative assistance remotely.

The benefits of hiring a VA; they work only the hours that you need, from their own office space, with their own equipment reducing your overheads costs, completing only the tasks that you choose to delegate.  

Who is Behind the Business?

Danielle Schalin

Danielle Schalin

Owner & Executive Virtual Assistant

I have been supporting business owners and executives since 2012. My business was built on my drive for working hard, and my passion for helping small business owners succeed. I bring a particular drive and determination to my work and a sense of perfectionism that pushes me to excel. I hold a commitment to excellence, integrity in all that I do and passion for my work closely. I care for my clients business as if it were my own. With my experience working in executive offices, I have extensive knowledge of the “behind the scene” administrative tasks that must be completed to ensure that a business runs smoothly and on target.

Amberly Karpinsky

Amberly Karpinsky

Virtual Assistant

Amberly has over ten years administrative experience, and freely tells people her favorite job description is “Assistant”. She loves to be in the background, helping make life easier and enabling business owners to focus on what’s important. She has a wide range of experience that has developed her skills in communication, organization, and project management. Combined with her attentiveness to details and thinking outside the box, she is an excellent problem solver and an asset to any team. She enjoys coffee and exploring the mountain valley she lives in.

Kayleigh Maryon

Kayleigh Maryon

Social Media Manager

Kayleigh has 10+ years as an executive assistant in various industries. 5+ years as a social media manager, working with online creatives to eliminate stress and overwhelm so they can get back to what they do best. She is passionate about using your unique talents to excel in all aspects of your life. Kayleigh can often be found exploring in the mountains or curled up with a coffee and good book. 

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